About Project

Our ongoing commitment to responsible development drives proactive approaches to reducing our environmental and operational footprint.

Central Facility

The proposed Pipestone Central Facility will be a gas processing facility capable of processing up to 280 million cubic feet per day of raw sour gas and 20,000 barrels of condensate per day. SemCAMS will seek regulatory approval for the project beginning in August 2017.

The Pipestone Facility will utilize SemCAMS’ existing Wapiti/Simonette pipeline systems and the Kaybob K3 Sour Gas Plant to process approximately 800 tonnes of sulphur per day. By transferring these products to an existing sulfur facility, emissions and odors at the Pipestone Central Facility will be virtually eliminated.  The proposed Pipestone Facility will not require any continuous flaring, incineration or venting as described under the Alberta Energy Regulator Directive 060.  This capability is unique to SemCAMS and will provide a reliable long-term processing solution for H2S, CO2 and the associated sulphur. 

Pipeline System

SemCAMS is proposing the construction and operation of up to six pipelines for its Pipestone Pipeline project, ranging in size between 4 and 12 inches in diameter.  These pipelines will share a common right-of-way and will include pipelines for sweet natural gas, sweet natural gas liquids, produced water, sour gas (gas containing H2S and/or CO2 waste gases), and fuel gas supply.  The proposed right-of-way will extend south of the proposed Pipestone Central Facility plant site and connect with the SemCAMS Wapiti Gas Plant.  

The final pipeline route has not been determined. Preliminary desktop planning exercises have been completed generating some route options as shown on the project map. These options have been identified taking into account:

  • Public safety
  • Environmental considerations such number and type of water crossings,avoidance of critical wildlife and wetland habitat
  • Utilizing existing pipeline corridors and/or paralleling existing right-of-ways
  • Avoidance of more densely populated areas
Project details 
  • Site is 20 hectacre in size 
  • Right-of-way extends 35 to 44 kilometers to the south – south east
  • Recovered liquids and gas will be shipped directly from the Wapiti site to existing sales pipelines in the area
  • By transferring the H2S, CO2 and the associated sulphur to the existing K3 facility, SemCAMS customers have a reliable solution for gas processing and disposal, while minimizing the impact to neighbors
  • Project footprint has been reduced by utilizing infrastructure and right-of ways that are already in place
  • Required infrastructure to support ongoing development of the Montney
  • Development is under Alberta Energy Regulator guidance to limit proliferation of gas plants in an area
  • The recovered sulphur is processed into a solid form known as “prill” which is then used to produce fertilizer for the agriculture industry
  • Several environmental, Indigenous use, historical resource and archeological evaluations will be completed on the potential routes and locations to avoid sensitive areas

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