Pipestone Project

SemCAMS is one of the largest licenced sour gas processors in Alberta, and draws on 40 years of experience to build a proposed world class Pipestone Central Facility and Pipeline System in support of safe and responsible development of the Montney Formation. The Montney Formation is a major shale gas and shale oil resource located in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin in Alberta and British Columbia.

SemCAMS is proposing the construction and operation of the Pipestone Central Facility and associated pipelines to support the ongoing development of the Montney liquids rich natural gas formation.  The proposed Pipestone Central Facility will consist of a gas processing facility capable of handling up to 280 million cubic feet per day of sour gas and 20,000 barrels of condensate and other natural gas liquids.  In addition to the plant, up to six pipelines will be constructed in a common right-of-way leading south of the plant.   These pipelines will transport sweet natural gas, sweet natural gas liquids, produced water and waste gases to existing pipelines in the area.  Applications for the plant and pipelines will be submitted to the Alberta Energy Regulator in the fall of 2017. Pending receipt of the required approvals and licences, construction is planned to start in 2019. The proposed plant is expected to be fully online by the summer of 2020.

The proposed plant will utilize SemCAMS' existing Wapiti/Simonette pipeline systems and the Kaybob K3 Sour Gas Plant to process approximately 800 tonnes of sulphur per day. This capability is unique to SemCAMS and will provide a reliable long-term egress solution for hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide and the associated sulphur.  The unique combination of the Pipestone Central Facility, the Wapiti/Simonette Pipeline System and the K3 Sour Gas Plant will help minimize emissions from the Pipestone site, and will reduce the footprint of the proposed facility.